Disaster In The Gulf

Disaster in the Gulf highlights the technology-driven, unified response to the recent oil spill in the Gulf. We take viewers through the massive efforts underway to contain the spill retelling the core elements of the story as seen by those on the ground and in the know. Of particular interest to us is the way in which multiple organizations (including the Coast Guard) are maneuvering at breakneck speed to help stop the spread of the spill and what plans are being implement to facilitate the most efficient and timely clean-up possible. What technologies are in play? Scientifically speaking, what are the absolutely crucial subjects that must be addressed? How will the collective fast-acting efforts of these organizational bodies impact us, environmentally and economically?

We give viewers an altogether unique look at what really happens in crises like these; and how many organizations and their personnel are put in place to do what they do best: solve an urgent, daunting environmental catastrophe.